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Our Story

iO life ventures partners with healthcare entrepreneurs focused on creating breakthrough therapeutic solutions for unmet patient needs. Committed to making investments from ideation to commercialization, we offer design, engineering and compliance services as a form of funding through iO life science, our incubation firm. Together, iO life ventures and iO life science accelerate the development of innovative solutions to realize a vision.

Who We Are

We provide a rich combination of engineering, manufacturing, intellectual property and licensing strategies, as well as productive relationships with leading industry companies and venture capital firms. Our full range of support options and resources empower startups to solve industry challenges with bold new technologies.​​

Our Vision

We are dedicated to fueling innovative startups through alternative financing models that provide both economic and technical capabilities to accelerate commercialization of medical device technologies.





Financial Edge

 iO financial resources provide access to tailored financing to address the hurdle in getting medical grade prototypes developed and ready to gather data for further therapy validation.

Risk Mitigation

Rapid time to market is a vital ingredient to the successful commercialization of medical device technologies. iO's front-end risk-based model expertise provides you with a systematic process for extracting actionable insights for the development of your ideas.

Regulatory Strategy

iO's risk-based approach to compliance is built to help you navigate the complex regulatory submission process from 510(k) to PMA pathways that result in reducing your development cost and time-to-clearance.

Technical Services

iO’s technical capabilities help advance the journey by delivering proof-of-concept prototypes. Our core team is built around specialists in human factors engineering, industrial design, regulatory compliance, systems engineering and technical project leadership.

Investor Network

In addition to design and development services, we will offer access to a proprietary Direct Investor network via a fundless model, focusing on companies and start-ups that share iO values.




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